Extra Terrestrial Cookbook
By Chef Emil Krause
A wholesome variety of nutritious meals to feed non-carbon based life-forms from other worlds.
Note: Universal weights and measures conversion tables are not included.

$3.95, paper, 7 x 4, 128 pages, 0897081102


On Farts
Drawn and written by Cannum

This original, delightfully humorous work frankly discusses the social aspects of digestive exhausting.

$.95, pamphlet, 5 x 8, 12 pages, 0897080025



Treasury Of Senior Humor
By James E. Myers
This delightful compendium reflects the spirited hmor of our older Americans. Typical is the remark of one esteemed elder who was asked: “Have you lived in this town all your life?” His chipper, wise and feisty respose: “Not yet.”

$12.95, paper, 6 x 9, 296 pages, 0942936205


Treasury Of Medical Humor
By James E. Myers

Fun, therapy, laughter--- one great collection of medical jokes, stories and cartoons. A compendium of healing humor and verbal medicine, this treasury will tickle the funny bones of medical professionals and patients alike.

$12.95, paper, 6 x 9, 256 pages, 0942936213


Treasury Of Religious Humor
By James E. Myers

Religious humor is clean and equally appealing to people of all faiths. In fact, there are at least thirty-seven references to laughter in the Bible. Full of jokes, stories and cartoons about the lighter side of religion.

$12.95, paper, 6 x 9, 280 pages, 0942936248


Found Poetry of Lt. Col. Oliver L. North
as found & compiled by
John W. Hart III

Los Angeles poet and insurance agent, John W Hart Ill has put Oliver North’s sworn testimony to the poetic meter. The author takes no credit for the words, but his titles and deft command of the verse form have yielded this slim volume of pithy poems.
Far from a political treatise, the book is really a character study, open to interpretation by either conservative or liberal. It is full of self-contained humor complete with a shredded title page.

$3.95, 5½ x 8½, 32 pages, paper, 0897081897


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