Black Book Of Polish Censorship
By Aleksander Niczow

The roots of the Solidarity Union are revealed in this two-part account. Part one is a personal and moving narrative of the events that led to the imposition of martial law in Poland. Part two is the first comprehensive English translation of The Black Book of Polish Censorship.

$7.95, paper, 5 x 8 170 pages, 0897080955


Chosen Few
Surviving the Nuclear Holocaust

By Edward Myers

Who will be the survivors of an unthinkable war? Here is a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes study of the American survivalist movement which includes of a diverse set of individuals who go to great lengths to prepare for a catastrophe which they believe inevitable.

$7.95, paper, 5” x 8”, 180 pp, 0897081072


Eat Or Be Eaten
Chef Louis Szathmary
The renowned chef & owner of Chicago’s legendary Bakery Restaurant tells his unique views of eating as a primary social
ritual which makes food a means of celebrating life.

$1.50, pamph, 5x8, 16p, 89708-008-4.


Principles Of The Human Mind
Electro Biology or The Voltaic Mechanism of Man
By Alfred Smee

Facsimile edition of the original 1850 text gives a fascinating glimpse into the Victorian scientific mind by Alfred Smee, a forgotten genius of the 19th century.

$5.95, paper, 4 x 7, 0897080300


The Sky Is Falling: Why Buildings Fail
By Marvin Hornstein
Consulting structural engineer, Hornstein, makes the case that the construction industry is responsible for creating hazardous conditions in structures used daily by a trusting public.

$7.95, paper, 5 x 8 120 pages, 0897081064


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