America 's Billion Dollar Gamble on the Chrysler Corp.

By Reginald Stuart

Here is the inside story of the biggest corporate rescue in American history. In June, 1980, the U.S. Government gave the green light to the Chrysler Corporation, one of America 's biggest industrial giants, to borrow more than a billion dollars, backed by taxpayers' money. In this unusual move, the government entered into one of the most sacred bastions of private enterprise—the auto industry. By New York Times Detroit Bureau Chief Reginald Stuart.

$6.95, paper, 6” x 9”, 210 pp, 0897080505


Drive It Till It Drops
Keep Your Car Running Forever

By Joseph L. Troise

You can keep your car going long after the last page in your payment book is gone, but you will have to pay attention to basic maintenance beyond the occasional oil change. Troise offers solid mechanic's advice that anyone can understand.

$4.95, paper, 5 x 8, 120 pages, 0897080246


Cherries and Lemons
The Used Car Buyer's Handbook

By Joseph L. Troise

An understandable guide that tells the “ins and outs” of buying a safe and economical used car. Includes step by step instructions on how to locate, purchase and care for your “Cherry” of a used car.

$3.95, paper, 156 pages, 089708005X


Less Than They Promised

Edited by R. Michael Beatty

The story of the Studebaker Corporation is more than the history of a business that began by producing farm wagons and later made a successful transition to automotive vehicles. It is the story of a community and its citizens — the loyal labor pool for this legendary corporation. This is a solid account of the company's fascinating growth, intervening struggles and final demise.
The Studebaker story is further documented with illustrations and photographs depicting each phase of product development, corporate leadership and community involvement.

$16.95, paper, 8½ x 11, 64 pages, 0897081293


Reckless Homicide
Ford's Pinto Trial

By Lee Patrick Strobel

The full story behind Ford Motor Company's historic trial and acquittal from criminal charges arising from a fiery crash in which three teenage girls burned to death in their 1973 Pinto.
As the legal affairs editor of the Chicago Tribune, Strobel covered this groundbreaking trial. The book recounts the unprecedented case of The State of Indiana vs. Ford Motor Company in dramatic detail. The appendix includes facsimile re-prints of potentially incriminating internal Ford documents that Strobel acquired from the judge just hours before Ford obtained a restraining order, sealing these controversial files.

$12.95, paper, 5” x 8”, 286 pages, 089708222X


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